Eddie lied when he said FNAF 2 in VR was easy...

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Bruce S
Bruce S - 5 timer siden
We Chillin
Gills Productions
Gills Productions - 11 timer siden
Mully says he needs to survive but the person on the phone is telling him how to survive
Preston Badder
Preston Badder - 12 timer siden
Omg you should say Five Nasty Ass Fools
The Showmin
The Showmin - 13 timer siden
Mully: ignores phone guy
Phone guy: guess your dead
Gary Garyson
Gary Garyson - 14 timer siden
We’re chilling
Razorect - 14 timer siden
When people don’t know how to play games, I get annoyed
Scarlett Williams
Scarlett Williams - 18 timer siden
i so scared
Anime 101
Anime 101 - 21 time siden
Mully half way though *"So we need to wind the music box so he doesn't come to get me"*
Also Eddie sitting in the corner *"omg F I N A L L Y"*
Porkzy - 22 timer siden
Daiz Tarkowski
Daiz Tarkowski - Dag siden
Mully mutes phone guy like: "shut up bih, if I need help I got my own phone guy. He even speaks Spanish sometimes."
Braelee Taylor
Braelee Taylor - Dag siden
We're chillin
stella - Dag siden
AlexTheDefender - Dag siden
I only watch these videos to hear Mully say "We're chilling"
Bryce Anderson
Bryce Anderson - Dag siden
Why did Eddie f***ing lie🤬
Lord Ferbus
Lord Ferbus - 2 dager siden
We're chilling
Kimberly R :l
Kimberly R :l - 2 dager siden
2:30 - 2:34 is the jump scare
Da Vinky
Da Vinky - 2 dager siden
We’re chillin
Kaydence Ray
Kaydence Ray - 2 dager siden
The Freddy mask is for you to put on when you hear animatronic humming they won't recognize you
XCoNCepT1 - 2 dager siden
were chilling ;]
Shannyn Walker
Shannyn Walker - 2 dager siden
we chillen
freher then fresh
freher then fresh - 2 dager siden
were chilin
Carmen betts
Carmen betts - 2 dager siden
The Freddy mask is to hide it bc they don't know ur a night gaurd
ETHAN RIVERA - 2 dager siden
Puppet is a she racist
Justin Lobert
Justin Lobert - 2 dager siden
Mully: WERE CHILLEN (dies)
Elise - 2 dager siden
Mully please put on subtitles on the game 😊 its easier to hear what people are saying in the game, like so he can see this!
Mylah Calvert-Painter
Mylah Calvert-Painter - 3 dager siden
Mangle. Foxy. Chica and chica. Bonnie and bonnie. Freddy and freddy. Baloon boy. Muppet master are all the animatronics i think. There might be golden freddy idk
Mylah Calvert-Painter
Mylah Calvert-Painter - 3 dager siden
The old animatronics were broken and replaced with the toy animatronics you can not use freddy mask on foxy and you need to wind up the music box or you die :)
Mylah Calvert-Painter
Mylah Calvert-Painter - 3 dager siden
Mully: i am so good at fnaf bro
Litterally died like 3 times to the same anamatronic and had to call eddie for help
Alyssa V
Alyssa V - 3 dager siden
Mully: hello
Ballon boy: hi
Mully: hi please stay away
Adam The Bomb
Adam The Bomb - 3 dager siden
Hah. The fact that he doesn't know that there are two stages for animatronics in the vent. Visible on cam, and visible through the light in the office. The latter is when you put on the mask.
Adam The Bomb
Adam The Bomb - 3 dager siden
If you're trying to survive, LISTEN TO THE PHONE GUY
davidツ - 3 dager siden
why do I start felling sorry for mully when he gets scared
Paul Barber
Paul Barber - 3 dager siden
we’re chilling
Joe Jarvis
Joe Jarvis - 3 dager siden
Homie straight chillin tho
•s a l e s t o r•
•s a l e s t o r• - 3 dager siden
PFFFFFT he called Marionette a boy PFFT xD
Psycho Serpent
Psycho Serpent - 3 dager siden
That little boy in the vent is balloon boy
Mr Stoney420
Mr Stoney420 - 3 dager siden
Mully it is hella funny watching you play fnaf
Jesse Valderas
Jesse Valderas - 3 dager siden
i would tell you but there is no use because you can just ask eddiebut i will tell you that the big black mask dude is marinet ok (little bitch) is ballon boy
THABREEZ 456 - 3 dager siden
POV: You’re trynna find a comment that doesn’t talk about the We chillin part.
Hillboy Webweb
Hillboy Webweb - 3 dager siden
He scaring you cause you keep the music box always dead
Hillboy Webweb
Hillboy Webweb - 3 dager siden
Watch toy bon bon /undead longplays FNaF 2
Thomas Thomas
Thomas Thomas - 4 dager siden
Where chilling
Kian show
Kian show - 4 dager siden
99.999999999999999999 of these comments are about Mully screaming we chillin a million times stop we get that he’s loud and obnoxious ok
Gabriel Brian
Gabriel Brian - 4 dager siden
HunterKnightTheFirst - 4 dager siden
Eddie is a try hard for fnaf
HaloChungus The Pog Shark
HaloChungus The Pog Shark - 4 dager siden
We're chilling
alison tison
alison tison - 4 dager siden
Lexie Garside
Lexie Garside - 4 dager siden
Lol love how at one point right before he dies in night 1 he yells that it’s easy and WE CHILLLLEN but dies straight after because he did not wind the music box up
Moises Hernandez
Moises Hernandez - 4 dager siden
You need the light to avoid foxy
Moises Hernandez
Moises Hernandez - 4 dager siden
You need the mask to avoid them
SUCHSKILL _GAMES - 4 dager siden
No he did it very easy watch his video
Isaac Knight
Isaac Knight - 4 dager siden
the old animatroniks can catch you
「bugboop」 - 4 dager siden
Mully eddie simps for toy chica xD
Isaac Knight
Isaac Knight - 4 dager siden
yous the mask for freddy
Moonlight FS Shadow FS
Moonlight FS Shadow FS - 4 dager siden
When you play that game I think when Freddy comes you have to hide under the desk because he’s Freddy and your wearing a Freddy mask
Lara Bilind7
Lara Bilind7 - 4 dager siden

His confidence: mully for the last time haven’t I already told you that I am bad at telling the truth???
Sarah Kordic
Sarah Kordic - 4 dager siden
Me through night one: WIND 👏🏻 UP 👏🏻 THE 👏🏻 MUSIC 👏🏻 BOX
Kristen Holmes
Kristen Holmes - 4 dager siden
Bunny rabbits poop like a stick in the smell poop on your hand they killed them
Kristen Holmes
Kristen Holmes - 4 dager siden
Meamy YT
Meamy YT - 4 dager siden
weareer ckilen soz me no no who too spele
Xavier McLeod
Xavier McLeod - 4 dager siden
Imaan Idriss
Imaan Idriss - 5 dager siden
u need the mask for boney
FIREY FOX 666_yt
FIREY FOX 666_yt - 5 dager siden
we chillllllllllen
Sakumo Uchiha
Sakumo Uchiha - 5 dager siden
We're just straight Chillin 😵
clearly bright
clearly bright - 5 dager siden
"I'm supposed to be listening to him but I'm sorry I'm just trying to survive"
Well...yeah... Survival means listening to the phone guy lmao
WifiRequis - 5 dager siden
Hayley Robinson
Hayley Robinson - 5 dager siden
its 4am ... oh freddy XD
Jamiya Christine Filer
Jamiya Christine Filer - 5 dager siden
Balloon Boy: Hello?
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki - 5 dager siden
Puppet is a girl tho-
Christian Carson
Christian Carson - 5 dager siden
We chilling
Isabelle Lane
Isabelle Lane - 5 dager siden
Potatoe Gets digested
Potatoe Gets digested - 5 dager siden
We chillin
I'M UGLY - 5 dager siden
Brayden Medero
Brayden Medero - 5 dager siden
Mully in 2020:we’re not chilin
Kirbyboi42 - 5 dager siden
Eddie has more subscribers than you
Cuteness Kenzie Sky
Cuteness Kenzie Sky - 5 dager siden
Jaxon Shepherd
Jaxon Shepherd - 5 dager siden
we’re chilling... (did i do it?)
RaNdOm_WeIrDo_ 003
RaNdOm_WeIrDo_ 003 - 5 dager siden
You only have to put the mask on if they are either in the vents when you turn the light on (not on cams) or when they come into the room (main hall)
RaNdOm_WeIrDo_ 003
RaNdOm_WeIrDo_ 003 - 5 dager siden
Lol foxy likes being flashed XD
l l
l l - 5 dager siden
Mully said whats this thing a puppet yes that's puppet he's name is puppet
Olivia Ynfante
Olivia Ynfante - 5 dager siden
Were chilling ~ child go to sleep its past your bed time ~the time 2:00
Marieva Ramirez
Marieva Ramirez - 5 dager siden
Were chilling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
QP 2021
QP 2021 - 5 dager siden
James Burton
James Burton - 5 dager siden
We are so chilling we’re gonna make it through the night
James Burton
James Burton - 5 dager siden
Peyton And Preston 21
Peyton And Preston 21 - 5 dager siden
we're chillin
THE PEPPER - 5 dager siden
99% of comments: WErE ChiLliNg
Other 1% actually normal
Mion Houben
Mion Houben - 5 dager siden
The music is to wind the music box of marionetten so he won't attack you
Themattkid95 - 5 dager siden
Were chillen
Teagan Yoder
Teagan Yoder - 5 dager siden
We’re chillin
IBO - 5 dager siden
Does anyone feel like they want to punch mully cause of his lack of Knowledge on the FRICKEN EASIEST GAME EVER!!!
Alexandra Mosher
Alexandra Mosher - 5 dager siden
Mully: Were Chillinnnn
Me: Mully you dumb shi-
Puppet: WhErEs My F*CkInG MuSiC?!?!?!
Bartis Ana-Maria
Bartis Ana-Maria - 5 dager siden
It always has to start with a "we're chilling" :)
Olivia Meza
Olivia Meza - 5 dager siden
Word of advice: asking Eddie to get the answer is not you learning the real fazzbear experience, next time, mabey sing a song or 2 to Kentucky, also known as Chica, *or watch Eddie's videos to get more of a perspective* lmao
etha4792 etha4792
etha4792 etha4792 - 5 dager siden
were chillin
Colton Bell
Colton Bell - 5 dager siden
does he know theres a night five
Itz31iza - 5 dager siden
the one that came for you, the black and white one is called the puppet, probably a rare fnaf 2 sight if you ask me
Bobby Riordan
Bobby Riordan - 5 dager siden
you can use both hands at once. so u can wind the music box while checking the lights
ProGaming - 5 dager siden
It hurts watching him skip phone guy twice thinking he knows everything even though the gameplay is completely different from fnaf 1
edit: skipping phone guy *3* times
edit2: and dying 3 times
: and then he skips phone guy on night 2 right before the most important part
: and help because he asked, LISTEN TO PHONE GUY, and you only need cam 11, don't switch :AND, you don't need to put the mask on until you can see them in the vents with the light's or they're in your office. Also, for vr, I find it is more difficult to just always hold the mask, just pick it up when they come knocking
ProGaming - 5 dager siden
it is easy, you're just stoopid
Raven cartersy
Raven cartersy - 5 dager siden
We chilling 😂