FNAF is cooked

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Burning - Time siden
You need to play FNaF security breach when it comes out
Monkeyman454 - 9 timer siden
Don’t check the vent cams because the vent light is different and they attack when there at the vent like
Orange mini crewmate
Orange mini crewmate - 11 timer siden
We’re chilliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin👍🏼🔥
Orange mini crewmate
Orange mini crewmate - 11 timer siden
Mully also. The one you call bunny is called bonnie
Razorect - 14 timer siden
Pink foxy is mangle by the way
The NonoGuy
The NonoGuy - 15 timer siden
Comon this needs more like
xdfenemore terminator
xdfenemore terminator - 16 timer siden
iv'e played it
huseyin bayram
huseyin bayram - 17 timer siden
Fnaf 3 is even worse! You have to worry about one guy, but... the other animaltronics sabotage you (that's all I'm saying, dont want to spoil...)
ok no
ok no - 18 timer siden
"Were chillin"
Bran49kk_Yt - Dag siden
Aw still no 30k likes for pt 5
Water Squad
Water Squad - Dag siden
20:31 😂
Erika Nelson
Erika Nelson - Dag siden
Bertram Kujo
Bertram Kujo - Dag siden
"We're Chillllllllleeennnnnn" B)
Alyssa Oneal
Alyssa Oneal - Dag siden
That pink and white fox
Alyssa Oneal
Alyssa Oneal - Dag siden
The animatronic is Mangal that’s her name Now you know her name
hiphop for life
hiphop for life - Dag siden
Adam Batěk
Adam Batěk - Dag siden
were chillin
Light-PG3D - Dag siden
Sub to monkee
MONKS YT - Dag siden
The messed up foxy is mangle and they are the original foxy who got taken apart by the children
Fraser- Gaming
Fraser- Gaming - 2 dager siden
Mully where new fnaf vid
laticfo - 2 dager siden
epic gamer 4282736 jones
epic gamer 4282736 jones - 2 dager siden
Molly play FNAF 3 trust me it's so easy
Shannyn Walker
Shannyn Walker - 2 dager siden
mor fnaf
PICKLE_RICK - 2 dager siden
That's mangle the white fox
Ben Brayley
Ben Brayley - 2 dager siden
Louie Turrell
Louie Turrell - 2 dager siden
U need to listen to him on the 1st and 2nd night it gives u tips about how to beat the night
Emmanuel LaRose
Emmanuel LaRose - 2 dager siden
Ballon boy can take your batteries so watch out
Cari Miller
Cari Miller - 2 dager siden
We need about 10 k more likes, I want him traumatized.
arctic wolfy
arctic wolfy - 2 dager siden
Mully in the starting screen press settings and then then turn on captions
Jesse Valderas
Jesse Valderas - 2 dager siden
and mully your were born to kick multi ASS!
Jesse Valderas
Jesse Valderas - 2 dager siden
the pink and white foxy i mangled foxy
Russia The Great
Russia The Great - 2 dager siden
If you get half scared to death
Do you die?
I think Special Edd and Sleepy mully will find that out
Me says Hi
Me says Hi - 2 dager siden
Mully: We'Re ChIlLiNgGgGg
Animatronics: B e t
Elise - 2 dager siden
Mully! Turn on your subtitles in the gammmmme. Like so he can see this please!😂
dimsimitry19 Gaming
dimsimitry19 Gaming - 3 dager siden
We’re chiilllllllling
ash hile
ash hile - 3 dager siden
Callmepugzz - 3 dager siden
Adam The Bomb
Adam The Bomb - 3 dager siden
"That" is mangle, or The Mangle
MrCreamyBean - 3 dager siden
Shadow Sky
Shadow Sky - 3 dager siden
Oh yeah when u try fnaf 3 make sure u put the balloon boy audio at a locagio so "springtrap" follows it
That Guy
That Guy - 3 dager siden
Shut up and take my like
That Guy
That Guy - 3 dager siden
And three comments
That Guy
That Guy - 3 dager siden
And sub
Axel Cordero
Axel Cordero - 3 dager siden
Evan Bennett
Evan Bennett - 3 dager siden
That's mangle and she says we can see you through the cameras cuz she is her and her replacement combined
Mia K
Mia K - 3 dager siden
I was hoping to skip this video just so i didn't get the jump scare but i was too late ...
Mia K
Mia K - 3 dager siden
Eddie beware mully tryna steal your content
Lexie Garside
Lexie Garside - 3 dager siden
U should totally get juicy playing fnaf
Max - 3 dager siden
Were Chilliiiiiiiiiiin
(Proceeds to die)
Maks D
Maks D - 3 dager siden
Brock Christensen
Brock Christensen - 3 dager siden
If you take off the mask when mangle is your office it will unlock a secret :)
Dragon Ruler
Dragon Ruler - 3 dager siden
We chilling until mully does vent repair
Mason Jokes
Mason Jokes - 3 dager siden
Thats what Eddie plays for a living
Aiden Reynolds
Aiden Reynolds - 3 dager siden
Hey Mully, I commented on the last fnaf vid about what to do about the animatronics. I think you already know. But I forgot to tell you about the others ones.
Withered Bonnie and Withered Chica: Put the Freddy mask on quickly when you encounter both of them. On night 3, I think withered bonnie will become very active. And when Withered Chica makes it to the office using the vents, she will become stuck, preventing other animatronics (except mangle) from coming in through the vents. Keep in mind she will eventually wiggle free and kill you.
And withered Freddy: starts moving on night 2 and becomes more active in night 3. (Pretty sure you know what to do for withered foxy. Just flash you flash light at him)
Just some more things to help you! Love the content and keep up the good work!
Kyrsten Napolitano
Kyrsten Napolitano - 3 dager siden
I’m irritated I left like a ton of tips to make you better and you followed NONE of them. You’re not insane at fnaf and DEFINITELY not better than Eddie
Also, if you were actually LISTENING to the phone guy, or literally did any research at all, you’d know exactly who “cooked foxy” is😒
Jade Moncayo
Jade Moncayo - 3 dager siden
balloon boy will take your batteries and you wont be able to use your flash light. he cant jump scare you, but he can get you jump scared by foxy. he's a little bich
Kxli3 e
Kxli3 e - 3 dager siden
The game" "Fun Fact: Animatronics cant kill you!"
Elizabeth, C.C, William, and Micheal: *okay.. sure.*
optical is poggers
optical is poggers - 3 dager siden
what does the mask do
Rogue Boyyy
Rogue Boyyy - 3 dager siden
If ur reading this plz sub 2 me
Miles Tophat
Miles Tophat - 4 dager siden
eddie's content is way funnier
Mint Meteor0264
Mint Meteor0264 - 4 dager siden
Mully is going to legit die once he gets to fnaf 3
I'm going to give you some tips for fnaf 3...
1. night on doesn't have any animatronics
2. the only thing that can kill you is bunny
3. you need to keep watch on the panel beside you
4. avoid looking at the animatronics on the cameras (or if Freddy is in the window just open the cams)
5. block vents and use audio lures to keep bunny away
Mint Meteor0264
Mint Meteor0264 - 4 dager siden
you only need the mask if you see them in the office vent when they are beside you...
Milsxu V
Milsxu V - 4 dager siden
When you go in fnaf 3 there will be a new character called spring trap (he’s the main character of fnaf 3) he’s the reason all of the characters you see that look like ghosts are ghosts they are ghosts because, he killed all of the toys and originals. Spring trap used to be called spring Bonny until the restaurant they had got taken down and turned in Freddy fazbears pizza (the originals) and that restaurant got turned in to the toys restaurant. Spring Bonnie wanted revenge for his restaurant so that’s why he killed them. This is so you will be ready for what’s coming
Milsxu V
Milsxu V - 4 dager siden
There are also other animatronics other then the toys they are the original Freddy, chica, and bonny you have seen foxy but not them. They used the originals parts to make the toys that’s why the look weird. When I say “other then the toys” I mean that the toys are toy Freddy, foxy/mangle, chica, and Bonny that’s why you call them the toys not just chica, Bonny, the other foxy, and freddy.
Milsxu V
Milsxu V - 4 dager siden
Also balloon boy takes your battery’s from the lights so when foxy or mangle comes you can’t use the lights
Milsxu V
Milsxu V - 4 dager siden
That thing that was on the top of the entrance was the other foxy called “the mangle” she was a female type foxy until kids broke her and make her endoskeleton show. To make her go away turn on the lights for a while like foxy. But you can refer to her as toy foxy or mangle
Cars For life
Cars For life - 4 dager siden
When he sees animatronics in the hallway it gives me markiplier vibes
Alicia De La Cruz
Alicia De La Cruz - 4 dager siden
8:18 I think that is what Eddie would call james charles foxy at least I think that is who it is 😐😐😐
Caitlin E
Caitlin E - 4 dager siden
Not gunna lie I can’t get done with night one
MeetLazyNoodle - 4 dager siden
Mully: that’s a freaky b!✝️ch

Me: her name is mangle, she used to be a Beautiful animatronic
Storm - 4 dager siden
Always chillin!
TRYhollow - 4 dager siden
Hit like or foxy comes into your house while you sleep
Lajarus - 4 dager siden
Phone guy: “Hey, you shouldn’t make eye contact tonight”
Mully: “oh I should avoid eye contact”
Also mully: *completely ignores advice*
Hella Dead
Hella Dead - 4 dager siden
Mully: *calls Freddy a stupid bitch*
Freddy: *sad bear noises*
Nadeshiko Hayashi
Nadeshiko Hayashi - 4 dager siden
We chilliiiinnnnn👏✨
Ian Gabbert
Ian Gabbert - 4 dager siden
The small talk with mangle is magnificent
Peach - 4 dager siden
When you looked up and said “who the FUCK is that” I lost it😂
Shinobi of the Leafローマ人
Balloon Boy doesn’t kill you he steals your batteries for you flashlight, so you won’t be able to defeat Foxy
LittleWolf - 4 dager siden
Also on night 4, the reason the animatronics stares at the staff is the souls of the children that were killed by the purple guy
LittleWolf - 4 dager siden
What you saw is what the phone guy was talking about. He's the mangle
Emma Kemp
Emma Kemp - 4 dager siden
mully:that is a cooked Foxy
me: bitch that’s James Charles foxy
James Traylor
James Traylor - 4 dager siden
This scared the crap out of me
Callmepugzz - 4 dager siden
Tristan Visneski
Tristan Visneski - 4 dager siden
Didn't this have a different name yesterday?
Gaming with Felix
Gaming with Felix - 4 dager siden
And when they are in the vent they have to more 1 more rotation till they enter the room you can see them next to you peeking out of the vent
dark pizza. 200m subscribes
dark pizza. 200m subscribes - 4 dager siden
The ghost if u collet the tapes he gets closer and the coins make him more seei bul
Gaming with Felix
Gaming with Felix - 4 dager siden
You don’t have to look through other cameras just keep it on the puppet
Gavin Liggett-Robinson
Gavin Liggett-Robinson - 4 dager siden
Sigh* hm. I- nvm Wait!- nope bye.
H H - 4 dager siden
It’s toy bonnie and when you see that ugly mangled thing it’s mangle
Myles Williams
Myles Williams - 4 dager siden
The stereotyped mom antenatally transport because anger consecutively guarantee following a industrious mole. lucky, protective boy
Elisa Mauseth Larsen
Elisa Mauseth Larsen - 4 dager siden
The phone guy is your new BEST FRIEND!
oliwia klimeik
oliwia klimeik - 4 dager siden
Tilebest - 4 dager siden
TIP: If the animatronics is in the cam vent they are not actually in the visual vents, that is why it takes so long for the animatronics to get you. Hope this was helpful Mully! 😁😁😁
Елена Шевченко
Елена Шевченко - 4 dager siden
I LOVEEED foxy all the time 😫😫😫
_•* Pᴇᴀʀʟ Dᴜᴏ *•_
Mully: i'm not scared how can I be scared
Me: You say it in a way that you are trying to cheer yourself up and now you feel the pain of EddieVR lol
Pilot 777
Pilot 777 - 4 dager siden
Mully: We’re chillin
Bill Cosby: He in fact was not chilling
Judd MacDonald
Judd MacDonald - 4 dager siden
You know you only put on the mask when you see them in the vent right?
Steve_ boy
Steve_ boy - 4 dager siden
When you see the vent cameras there not actually there you have to check the vent on tour left and right to see when there closest to you and that's when you put on your mask
LefterGOD - 4 dager siden
Hey mully, a little strategy you should try keeping you camera on cam 11 and winding up the music box while only checking the vent and hallway and you will have a easier time. 😶
ERilerS - 4 dager siden
Mully 5 seconds later : Dead
Elizabeth Charlie
Elizabeth Charlie - 4 dager siden
Haha small brain 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😐
The Archer
The Archer - 4 dager siden
I love how he keeps saying we’re chillin like yes we are but someone needs to convince your face of that
Unknown Sad
Unknown Sad - 4 dager siden
Fnaf 3 is a bit easier cuz there is only one animatronic going to kill you, but you have more tasks instead of a regular camera, and keep a eye out on the bunny, in the lobby cuz it will get closer and closer overtime