my first time in FNAF VR

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CUP - 4 timer siden
I love how Eddie loves Kentucky but mully hates her
Nathan Brereton
Nathan Brereton - 10 timer siden
Chicky and boney
Moon Cartoon
Moon Cartoon - 12 timer siden
The bear is Freddie the bunny is Bonnie the chicken is chica the fox Is Foxy
Rafael Martinez
Rafael Martinez - 20 timer siden
Eddievr sister is better
pride duck
pride duck - 21 time siden
chica foxy freddy and bonnie
Adam Reid
Adam Reid - Dag siden
I would love to see Mully do Parts and Service
Adam Reid
Adam Reid - Dag siden
I would love to see Mully do Parts and Service
Adam Reid
Adam Reid - Dag siden
Mully, during the night you have to keep an eye on Foxy the fox most of the time,
If you don’t he will run down the left hall, Bonnie will also come down the left hall, Chica and Freddy will walk down the right hall but you don’t have to focus on Freddy till night 3
LUCKY - Dag siden
Trinity Townsend
Trinity Townsend - Dag siden
Oh and fox name is Foxy
Trinity Townsend
Trinity Townsend - Dag siden
duck name is chica in the bear's name is Freddy and the bunny's name is Bonnie
Finnley Griffiths
Finnley Griffiths - Dag siden
Penguin Master924
Penguin Master924 - Dag siden
I played the entire game and didn’t get scared once
Water Squad
Water Squad - Dag siden
How much does he says we’re chilling
Madison Williams
Madison Williams - Dag siden
Everyone else: OmG cHicAs NoT a DuCk ShE's A cHicKen
Mully: *d u c c g o q u a c c*
Elizabeth Burroughs
Elizabeth Burroughs - 2 dager siden
Ducky is called chica and bunnyis called bonnie
Yümï - 2 dager siden
there names are bonnie and checkea
Isaac Knight
Isaac Knight - 2 dager siden
foxy chica freddy bonny
Alyssa sanne
Alyssa sanne - 3 dager siden
Juicy, you got EXOTIC BUTTERS
Jazmine-Anne EDWARDS
Jazmine-Anne EDWARDS - 3 dager siden
Does Bonnie this Fox say it’s Freddie just chica
Yesenia Rivera
Yesenia Rivera - 3 dager siden
when the door closes you waste your battery a little
Saphrona Zees
Saphrona Zees - 3 dager siden
8:13 my mom finding a F in my report card
Julia Dorney
Julia Dorney - 3 dager siden
Me: hears Foxys run also me: you about to die *gets an add* me: FUC-
Squiggli Boy
Squiggli Boy - 4 dager siden
'I don't do horror bro'
has saw doll in background
Kxli3 e
Kxli3 e - 4 dager siden
Mully: talking trash about the game
Scott: *and i took that personally-*
Shyon Hay Thi
Shyon Hay Thi - 4 dager siden
The bunny one is Bonnie and the chicken nugget you call it's chica and the teddy guy is Freddy and the fox guy is foxy
Mocha - 4 dager siden
Exotic butters
••• ok
••• ok - 4 dager siden
Chicken/duck= Chica 🐤
Bunny= Bonnie 🐰
Fox= Foxy 🦊
the rabbit eyes you saw in that neon room= Glitchtrap 🕹
The guy on the phone=... Phone Guy📱... literally just phone guy 😐
••• ok
••• ok - 4 dager siden
“I hate Eddie bro.. I literally hate this guy”
“Nah this is easy.. this is easy 😎”
bruh the attitude change 💀
Addison Ahsing
Addison Ahsing - 5 dager siden
Did you know Mully the bird is named chica and she’s a girl
Mine Turtle
Mine Turtle - 5 dager siden
First it was eddie, now its mully, next should be juicy
clearly bright
clearly bright - 5 dager siden
Mully: big bunny and
Eddie: bonnie and kentucky
clearly bright
clearly bright - 5 dager siden
Since I've finished eddie's fnaf series including where's your sister's location I'm back to square one but this time I'm with mully nyehehe
Alexander Magiannis
Alexander Magiannis - 5 dager siden
Dood turn subtitles on so your editor does not have to do it it really really sucks P.S. amen to editors
Lukas Reimer
Lukas Reimer - 5 dager siden
Ashtronix - 5 dager siden
The bunny is Bonny the chicken nugget is Chica and the bear is Freddy
RaNdOm_WeIrDo_ 003
RaNdOm_WeIrDo_ 003 - 5 dager siden
“This looks like a block of butter”
Fnaf fandom: **cries in exotic butter**
Nilda Rios
Nilda Rios - 5 dager siden
Bonny and chicka
A Co. / Mr. A
A Co. / Mr. A - 5 dager siden
Hahaha noob
「bugboop」 - 5 dager siden
Mully: leaving the lights on
Eddie: *swearing at tortillas*
Itz31iza - 5 dager siden
the chicken is chica, the bunny is bonnie, the fox is foxy and the bear is freddie
boomfx white
boomfx white - 6 dager siden
His screams of terror 😂
シJarukito corrupt
シJarukito corrupt - 6 dager siden
Mully : Complaining not making his own names for the FNAF characters
Eddie : KENTUCKY , Veronica , and others
Dark meta knight
Dark meta knight - 6 dager siden
Zack The chrome panther
Zack The chrome panther - 6 dager siden
Mully: I can’t be wasting power like this... proceeds to keep lights on
flaganoid - 6 dager siden
"your in the party room only kids are allowed in there" me they are kids well dead kids
Izzy Glizzymcblizzy
Izzy Glizzymcblizzy - 6 dager siden
“Mhm it’s a block of butter”
Dominik Mazariegos
Dominik Mazariegos - 6 dager siden
U love the fact that Eddie told Mully to play ofc
Krish Rajkumar
Krish Rajkumar - 6 dager siden
The fox name is foxy
will you sub
will you sub - 7 dager siden
Mullys damm scream scared me more than the jump scares
Hannocholo - 7 dager siden
Declyn Harper
Declyn Harper - 7 dager siden
Foxy is the bitch who ran at u. Chica is the chicken on the right. Bonnie is the rabbit and Freddy is the guy who turned the lights off😁👌 also I didn’t know u could get that achievement where foxy ran after u... ok... get ready for an essay... u have to check on foxy to see his stages and Bonnie always comes to the left and chica always comes to the right. Freddy... well... I don’t quite know his move patterns BUT he comes to the right most of the time I think. When u hear the weird music in the background, it does nothing but t try and scare u. Freddy starts moving when u hear him laugh... like a ha ha ha laugh but more subtle and distant. Hope u read this mulley👍
シJarukito corrupt
シJarukito corrupt - 6 dager siden
No Kentucky is the chicken
sf1016 fung
sf1016 fung - 7 dager siden
Bonnie chica foxy and freddy
Allen Pascua
Allen Pascua - 7 dager siden
There names are,bonnie is the blue fox,cheeka is the chicken,the red fox is called foxxy and the brown guy is called freddy(sorry i replied late)#I LOVE UR VIDS
DD Army DD
DD Army DD - 7 dager siden
Mully saying. I hate Eddie
Eddie watching speaking Spanish bout mully
Sophia Romo
Sophia Romo - 7 dager siden
the chicken is named chica. the bunny named bonnie and the bear is named freddy the fox is named foxy
Sophia Romo
Sophia Romo - 5 dager siden
@シJarukito corrupt true that my bad
シJarukito corrupt
シJarukito corrupt - 6 dager siden
No the chicken is Kentucky
Kali Ledbetter
Kali Ledbetter - 7 dager siden
Freddy foxy chica and bonny
Mochi Lozoya
Mochi Lozoya - 7 dager siden
Ok I know I’m late but the bunny is Bonnie the chicken is Chica the bear is Freddy and the fox is Foxy only chica comes to ur right Bonnie and Foxy come to your left don’t use the lights or doors for to long. Just keep your cam left on pirates cove if the curtains are closed then your safe from Foxy if they start to open close the left door. If you run out of power then Freddy gets you
nooby 02
nooby 02 - 8 dager siden
mully: i am never playing this shit again.
also mully: Fnaf vr needs to chill
nooby 02
nooby 02 - 8 dager siden
3:00 e x o t i c b u t t e r s
Logandary - 8 dager siden
were chillin
Anna Boué
Anna Boué - 8 dager siden
I love the fact that when Chica was walking down the hall and that mully was just keeping his calm and just closing the door!!
If that was Eddie he would be yelling kentucky in mexican!😂
Danielle Reid
Danielle Reid - 8 dager siden
The names ( in Eddie's opinion) Bob the bunnie kentuky f*** f*** freddy and foxy the crackhead fox
Ruby Montez
Ruby Montez - 8 dager siden
the duck is chica
G McNamara
G McNamara - 8 dager siden
I love scared Mully.
Midnight Devil
Midnight Devil - 8 dager siden
Chica bonnie foxy Freddy
Midnight Devil
Midnight Devil - 8 dager siden
Omg he ate ennards exotic butter
robbendapolic boi
robbendapolic boi - 8 dager siden
12:18 mully : I'm not opening that door hes probably standing right out side it im not dumb. Mully 2sec after opens it
Ismail Khan
Ismail Khan - 8 dager siden
Foxy fredy bony chika
Tina Slark
Tina Slark - 9 dager siden
they have powers and they can cut out camma
Rebecca Cross
Rebecca Cross - 9 dager siden
Us loyal fnaf fans and fnaf theroists watching mully play 😳😳
max ralph
max ralph - 9 dager siden
yo the person onthe other side of the phone call must of been like what th efuck
Sam Moore
Sam Moore - 9 dager siden
Bear is Freddie the chick is chika and the bunny is bonnie :) I watch ur tiktoks :)
Kaleb Lanza
Kaleb Lanza - 9 dager siden
Chicken nugget: Chica
Bunny rabbit : Bonnie
Bear: freedy
Fox: foxy
Your local Drug dealer
Your local Drug dealer - 9 dager siden
I kinda like Eddie more cause he gave them funny names made his own novelas and screamed Mexican bad words witch was funny
Sky H1298
Sky H1298 - 9 dager siden
Mully:were chillin
Then he dies
Carine Almonte
Carine Almonte - 9 dager siden
Chilling chilling what you doing we’re chilling we’re chilling we’re chilling
Melvin HiHi
Melvin HiHi - 9 dager siden
No one :
Nick Iellamo
Nick Iellamo - 9 dager siden
Why not keep the doors shut. I’ve never played either so please explain
Captian J559
Captian J559 - 9 dager siden
8:12 Already respect him for those reflexes and its the first vid
Thomas Likesnuggies
Thomas Likesnuggies - 9 dager siden
You can tell mully doesn’t watch eddies videos bc he called chica a duck despite Eddie constantly calling her kentucky 😔
GOD OF FIRE! - 9 dager siden
Cassandra Vlog
Cassandra Vlog - 9 dager siden
Character names foxy he's a bad Fox okay ,bunny his name is Bonnie ,Freddy Fazbear chica she's the scary chick got it cleared up now?
Cassandra Vlog
Cassandra Vlog - 9 dager siden
Listen to the phone guy you dingus😱😫😂
Cassandra Vlog
Cassandra Vlog - 9 dager siden
@YourNarrator need to play this game all the way through
TimelordRock - 9 dager siden
It was at this point he knew...
He fucked up.
Five night at freddy Pearla Alvarado
Mully calling chica a duck when she is a chicken:THIS DUCK
And there names Chica,Bonnie,freddy,foxy
TonyZambonii - 9 dager siden
flip dat duck off
Diala Karadsheh
Diala Karadsheh - 9 dager siden
Bonnie is the rabbit
Chicka is the ducky
Foxy is the fox
Freedy is the bear that jump scared you when you ran out of power
GODSPEED 6923 - 9 dager siden
Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy.
Coolbrobray - 9 dager siden
I think first thing we all did was hate the phone guy
xie Z
xie Z - 9 dager siden
Oh my lortt🤣
This is amazing! 👏🖤
Nerion Gropa
Nerion Gropa - 10 dager siden
Yoo mully we’re chillin😂😆🤣
Kabriel Eller
Kabriel Eller - 10 dager siden
it has 50k likes mully do another one pls
blake ritter
blake ritter - 10 dager siden
the names are bonnie (the bunny) freddy (the bear) vhica (the chicken) and foxy (the pirate fox)
Your Dad
Your Dad - 10 dager siden
Eddie keeps making fun of you when you said "were chilling"😂
Pansexual Dark Night -3-
Pansexual Dark Night -3- - 10 dager siden
Mully: Eddie is making me do this

Me: YAY GOOD JOB EDDIE, make juicy do it now.
Joshua Keen
Joshua Keen - 10 dager siden
The fox is foxy
The chicken is Chica
The bear is Freddy
The rabbit is Bonnie
blue boy
blue boy - 10 dager siden
Names bonnie the bunny freddy fazber chica chicken
Lazarfor2 2
Lazarfor2 2 - 10 dager siden
I shit mi pance