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Welcome back to the channel and welcome to a brand new VR video!
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Ziad Aly
Ziad Aly - 36 minutter siden
I vomited from laughter on this
Nerta Thorsten
Nerta Thorsten - 47 minutter siden
The piquant bangle preclinically screw because fortnight nomenclaturally jam beneath a puzzling beaver. energetic, demonic platinum
Sharnie Cerisola
Sharnie Cerisola - 18 timer siden
Lydia Miller
Lydia Miller - Dag siden
How ronald and his best empoley in the future made mcdonalds:}ALSO when they argue its like karens in the store or a dr.phill episode:}
Lydia Miller
Lydia Miller - Dag siden
Im crying in this video I dident have a acount a while ago I watched this when this first came out and I wannted to say wow you and your amazing crazy friends are amazing!I love how smashing goes into the fire and yells for help and screams and then he stops and his yelling gets higher...i could name lots of things I laughed about in this video but who was playing ronald mcdonald and doing his character I can not tell also Just wow!
Imperial Weeb
Imperial Weeb - Dag siden
Who are these guys in the video other than Mully and Narrator? Please actually someone tell me
FridayTheFox - 2 dager siden
How is smashing so good at playing a crackhead
Midget - 3 dager siden
what map did you use? me and my friends really want to rp in it
tubapower94 - 3 dager siden
I’ve worked with too many Reggies.
Zeron - 8 dager siden
Couldn't stop laughing, im literally crying
Vitaly - 9 dager siden
Looks like McDonald's didn't work out too well for Ronny
StarCoDiaz - 9 dager siden
I want more of this ron and reggie xD
omar legendary gamer can we get to 1k
:Ronald: *talks to the shirtless man*
Camden Flanagan
Camden Flanagan - 11 dager siden
Marlee Rice
Marlee Rice - 11 dager siden
I love your vide
Draku Pooh
Draku Pooh - 12 dager siden
they say this video isnt safe for work but i dont think any video they make is safe for anything lol
AIDEN GUTHRIDGE - 14 dager siden
are they the racka twins
Park - bingbing
Park - bingbing - 15 dager siden
Sounds like my grandpa yelling at my brother-
kostakosg - 16 dager siden
Are the new people??
Blue Rach
Blue Rach - 16 dager siden this again
ZenPumpz YT
ZenPumpz YT - 18 dager siden
I can’t with Ronald
Skullman Dragneel
Skullman Dragneel - 18 dager siden
watch eddievr its way better besides josh is better for australia
ian mcfadden
ian mcfadden - 19 dager siden
This video was absolute chaos from start to finish...and I haven't even finished it yet.
Foxiton Fox
Foxiton Fox - 19 dager siden
I love how when Narrator turned his head at Mullen like he was shocked was hilarious
Danny Culligan
Danny Culligan - 20 dager siden
What the guy said about the book I think it true
Juleanna Gomez
Juleanna Gomez - 22 dager siden
Yo the crackhead was the funniest. Ron was annoying asf
Just Connor
Just Connor - 23 dager siden
I’ve never laughed so hard in my life 😂
Jim Vang
Jim Vang - 24 dager siden
The naughty naughty boy part got me weak
Quesry - 24 dager siden
2:00 y doue this look like my dad LOL
gabriel hynes
gabriel hynes - 24 dager siden
I see a key board. That is cause I have actually drank a can of paint irl no lie
Mark Bulotano
Mark Bulotano - 25 dager siden
Fire more like water 👁👄👁
Spencer Campbell
Spencer Campbell - 26 dager siden
What happened to Michel scarn
RubyKkitty - 26 dager siden
i choked on rice while watching this. totally worth it
Blake Haskins
Blake Haskins - 27 dager siden
1:32 when the meth kicks in
Flippy The fish
Flippy The fish - 27 dager siden
This is the funniest thing I have seen in ages
Matthew Hutton
Matthew Hutton - 27 dager siden
Danny and smashing are alike
John DeStefano
John DeStefano - 28 dager siden
I hate the fact that it’s skits. But I love it at the same time 🤣🤣🤣
Emily Morales
Emily Morales - 28 dager siden
RIP my Ears 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
callsign_ squirrel
callsign_ squirrel - 29 dager siden
Who is playing Ronald🤣🤣
strawberryheart nightcoreYT
This is very funny😂😅
Cody Claus
Cody Claus - Måned siden
4:57 lol I was eating a apple and it got my phone
Lit Costello
Lit Costello - Måned siden
Remember before the internet we just had normal tv shows, bow people making this LSD stuff, not hating, but it looks like the world is going backwards
A FreeMarketeer
A FreeMarketeer - Måned siden
Bow are there not more views on this
J B - Måned siden
Had to stop 2 minutes in to catch my breath it was that funny
Eric Alvarado
Eric Alvarado - Måned siden
Captain Dexter
Captain Dexter - Måned siden
9:26 - 9:55 has to be my favorite moment of this video 😂😂😂
Ryan Gamer
Ryan Gamer - Måned siden
Welcome to the office
Bleep Squad Playz
Bleep Squad Playz - Måned siden
Whatshisname - Måned siden

Play duck season
The Gamer Gaming
The Gamer Gaming - Måned siden
I know I’ll feel like an idiot but who is Ronald?
YEET KING - Måned siden
11:06 is the most funny thing ever
April Ulmer
April Ulmer - Måned siden
I wish I knew what was going on
Derp gamer
Derp gamer - Måned siden
You know you're early when the video is 1 week old. It will turn 2 weeks old tomorrow when I was writing this. It turned 1 week old 6 days ago when I was writing this.
Derp gamer
Derp gamer - Måned siden
One of the 537k views on this video is me.
Derp gamer
Derp gamer - Måned siden
One of the 1.7k comments on this video is me.
Derp gamer
Derp gamer - Måned siden
One of the 30k likes on this video is me.
BigBoy 27
BigBoy 27 - Måned siden
Munder Difflin
Cool Kid
Cool Kid - Måned siden
What is game called
Paula Hornblow
Paula Hornblow - Måned siden
Steven Wilson
Steven Wilson - Måned siden
Ryan started the fire
Daniel Troxell
Daniel Troxell - Måned siden
I don't want your HIV get the fuck away I was talking to the me laughing my fucking ass of
Elton Buchanan
Elton Buchanan - Måned siden
Fun fact this the ronald mcdonald from rakaraka
Hamster person
Hamster person - Måned siden
8:42 why does it feel like I’m not suppose to watch this and idk why Mully didn’t stop him from that one weirdo touching his bristles
Donna Hamilton
Donna Hamilton - Måned siden
Caleboss 6
Caleboss 6 - Måned siden
This is tooo funnyyyy
Delaney Holian
Delaney Holian - Måned siden
1:39-2:50Omg I had to pause the video I was laughing so hard
Wolfeman Gaming
Wolfeman Gaming - Måned siden
Low-key like racka racka
Layla._. angelic
Layla._. angelic - Måned siden
Jack the Virus
Jack the Virus - Måned siden
So anyone notice at 10:50 Mully forgot to censor the F bomb? Loved it, somehow made me laugh even more.
Sticky Micky
Sticky Micky - Måned siden
I’m really weird and when I clicked on this video I got an ad that played sad viallin
Melissa Asplin
Melissa Asplin - Måned siden
Adilene Reynoso
Adilene Reynoso - Måned siden
I can't tell who does Ronald I thought it was narrator but it isn't and I'm pretty sure Smashing does the skinny man.
Jason Quinones
Jason Quinones - Måned siden
5:24 POV: youre in the McDonalds ally way
Connor be like Blue blood
Connor be like Blue blood - Måned siden
What game is this
•*AshPlayz*• - Måned siden
This video is the definition of my life...

Gameking 65
Gameking 65 - Måned siden
KID S - Måned siden
Dragon dragon rock the dragon dragon ball z
Audrey Doneghue
Audrey Doneghue - Måned siden
the editor: 🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬
lele play too much
lele play too much - Måned siden
I like them
Bystander - Måned siden
so i see youve seen racka racka
Zon Black
Zon Black - Måned siden
who voices ron????
Thai Jackson
Thai Jackson - Måned siden
I never would’ve thought of VR interviews lmaoooo
CRYRIM - Måned siden
I’ve watched this 4 fucking times 😂😂
safepancake6608 - Måned siden
8:11 When ever they take off there headsets it looks like there having a mental break down
Izaiah Eannottie
Izaiah Eannottie - Måned siden
How muched did the fire damages cause?
Marisa Chavez
Marisa Chavez - Måned siden
I love this
The HEAT Family
The HEAT Family - Måned siden
Where’s prison mike?
Tigergamer0805 - Måned siden
Ron’s speech we have been abused but most of the time he is abusing them
John Hedgehog
John Hedgehog - Måned siden
Mully your in live at now avaible to tablet your turn bruh
Levi Gillespie
Levi Gillespie - Måned siden
POR GAMES YT YT 1000% - Måned siden
emogirl_2007 - Måned siden
Wait a minute did those papers in da beginning say munder difflin
Nicholiflame - Måned siden
When he was burning it looked like a tik tok dance.
GrimdE - Måned siden
I didn't even know their was interviews being had
Klipp Krippet Kid
Klipp Krippet Kid - Måned siden
Why dose ronald sound like mickey mouse
guineapig_ lyric
guineapig_ lyric - Måned siden
im dieing of laughter xDDD
Schuyler Taylor
Schuyler Taylor - Måned siden
Racka Racka thooooooooo
MackAttack 0193
MackAttack 0193 - Måned siden
Who’s the new guy 😂
luna uno UwU
luna uno UwU - Måned siden
11:09 and 11:18 I was dying of laughter XD
James Quinones
James Quinones - Måned siden
Where was josh in this video