we really messed up this time

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Mully - 2 måneder siden
Five Million 🥰🥰❤️
Salik5 Iqbal
Salik5 Iqbal - 6 dager siden
Still less than eddie
MFB Fria Ahmadi
MFB Fria Ahmadi - 23 dager siden
You deserved it
Big Chungus
Big Chungus - Måned siden
Eddie has more
Regan Evans
Regan Evans - Måned siden
wearing socks
Regan Evans
Regan Evans - Måned siden
wearing socks
Andrew A
Andrew A - 8 timer siden
roses are red vilots are blue as longh as mully sufers he gets veiws
Andrew A
Andrew A - 8 timer siden
this is wierd and funny
Meme Eythan
Meme Eythan - 11 timer siden
No joke I was eating a hotdog in socks watching this
hunter - 12 timer siden
pcp is druges
Caca Poopoo
Caca Poopoo - 4 dager siden
screm YT
screm YT - 4 dager siden
That walk is Menacing
daniel504 _
daniel504 _ - 6 dager siden
we cooked out today for my birthday & one of the things i cooked was some chedder jalapeño sausages & im sitting here watching this video eating one & a hamburger & he said “drop a comment if your eating sausage & wearing socks” soo🤷🏽‍♂️
Rhiannon Williams
Rhiannon Williams - 6 dager siden
CATPICKLE UHH - 7 dager siden
Freddie Maginn
Freddie Maginn - 7 dager siden
Kimberly Shandorf
Kimberly Shandorf - 8 dager siden
Shocks my boy
Micah’s Gaming Channel
Micah’s Gaming Channel - 8 dager siden
Emma Carr
Emma Carr - 9 dager siden
I am a sosij
dragon wolf
dragon wolf - 10 dager siden
*realizes that I'm not wearing socks* oh shit
Gavin Rorrer
Gavin Rorrer - 10 dager siden
I have socks on
Gabriel Martin
Gabriel Martin - 10 dager siden
4nuglet8 - 11 dager siden

them. its fine with socks on
quantum disappointment
quantum disappointment - 12 dager siden
Im wearing socks
quantum disappointment
quantum disappointment - 12 dager siden
Me: sees sausage
*X files theme plays*
Emma Lopez
Emma Lopez - 12 dager siden
I'm wearing socks
The Non-talking Youtuber
The Non-talking Youtuber - 13 dager siden
At 3:27 since i was drinking a milo, I started laughing and then milo came out of my nose!! 😂
carl kertz
carl kertz - 13 dager siden
i got socks woooooooo
Mr.gingfortnite Breaderp
Mr.gingfortnite Breaderp - 16 dager siden
pog champ
pog champ - 16 dager siden
IM Wearing SOcks
Bionic Bison
Bionic Bison - 16 dager siden
I’m wearing socks!!!
Elizabeth Podolski
Elizabeth Podolski - 16 dager siden
I love this video XD
Dale Frost
Dale Frost - 16 dager siden
I have one
Sarah boucher
Sarah boucher - 17 dager siden
The part when it says think like a sausage i laughfed so loud (its 22:48)
Winnie the Boogaloo
Winnie the Boogaloo - 17 dager siden
God damn it. I'm literally eating an Italian hot sausage and I have socks on because it's 12° outside And I don't want to kick the heater on just yet.
Andrew Nicholas
Andrew Nicholas - 17 dager siden
Kristi Roberts
Kristi Roberts - 18 dager siden
😂😂😂😂😂 #wearinsocks 😂😂😂😂😂
Sammy Emily
Sammy Emily - 19 dager siden
for a minute i thought that they were gonna cook the dog
Camden Flanagan
Camden Flanagan - 20 dager siden
Yaretzi Perez
Yaretzi Perez - 21 dag siden
*When narrator does the sad momment*
Me: why he build like that?
Nightmares second channel
Nightmares second channel - 21 dag siden
Me at 3am watching this and wearing nothing but socks and underwear
gummie worm mam fam sam
gummie worm mam fam sam - 21 dag siden
I'm wearing socks
Rusty The Robot
Rusty The Robot - 21 dag siden
Joseph Field
Joseph Field - 22 dager siden
Wearing socks
Max garcete
Max garcete - 22 dager siden
Hello bananas this will be so fun
Kiki Q
Kiki Q - 23 dager siden
XarmA - 24 dager siden
Has no one noticed the hot dog in frame slowly gets sucked down by a glizzy slurp?? 3:44
JeauX - 24 dager siden
Wearing socks
Galactycat - 24 dager siden
yesh soseg
Galactycat - 24 dager siden
wearing socks
Declan Kuiper
Declan Kuiper - 25 dager siden
wearin socks
Dark Python
Dark Python - 25 dager siden
3:20 yup I put my ketchup on my buns
Quentonius - 26 dager siden
im actually waeaing four
galaxy animal
galaxy animal - 26 dager siden
I'm wearing socks :)
KayMizzle KD
KayMizzle KD - 26 dager siden
I loved this video with socks
TKize777 - 26 dager siden
Literally nothing has surpassed this one bring back weiner and buns
Christopher Baldwin
Christopher Baldwin - 26 dager siden
i do remember
Richard Brewer
Richard Brewer - 26 dager siden
Whering sox
Apple Juice Box
Apple Juice Box - 26 dager siden
Wearing socks
FNR Sneaks
FNR Sneaks - 26 dager siden
I am
The amazing Chicken
The amazing Chicken - 26 dager siden
I’m actually gay... BUT WARING SOCKS!!!!
Victoria Anderson
Victoria Anderson - 26 dager siden
wherein socks
AdamVR - 27 dager siden
Narrator: Looks like your mom’s gonna be home in about *turns head quickly to look at his wrist* 2 minutes!
Not Sure
Not Sure - 27 dager siden
So like...
We getting a part 2 or....
Zaki Sadaoui
Zaki Sadaoui - 27 dager siden
I love how when he goes to “look at his watch” and looks back at them, the sausage wiggles so much!🤣
Teresa Teresa
Teresa Teresa - 28 dager siden
Kp kkllk
Thai Jackson
Thai Jackson - 29 dager siden
Socks.. Check
Emmanuel chavez
Emmanuel chavez - Måned siden
people who are watching this at night in bed with their socks
Camty Senpai's
Camty Senpai's - Måned siden
These ain’t the only buns I be sliding into - Narrator 😏
JJ Cookies
JJ Cookies - Måned siden
Where in scooks
Whatshisname - Måned siden
Mully play duck season
rose - Måned siden
ShelbyEB Psycho!
ShelbyEB Psycho! - Måned siden
Leave a comment if you are eating a banana without socks! (Seriously this wasn't planned at all but it nearly made me choke from laughter at the coincidence!) 😂😂😂
Joe Ratu
Joe Ratu - Måned siden
My cat got shaved today and he looks like a hairless nutsack
Connor Oquinn
Connor Oquinn - Måned siden
I’m were in socks
Test subject. 340
Test subject. 340 - Måned siden
it won't come out
Love Legends
Love Legends - Måned siden
Narrator: *stares at Josh menacely*
Josh: *turns*
Narrator: "So it was you"
Kevin Aragon
Kevin Aragon - Måned siden
Splat YouTube
Splat YouTube - Måned siden
FriskTeGamer - Måned siden
I’m wearing one sock does that count
Icynver Animatics
Icynver Animatics - Måned siden
Actually was eating a sausage roll during this
lazy man64
lazy man64 - Måned siden
3:43 sausage on the left
Gary Ainsworth
Gary Ainsworth - Måned siden
I’m wearing socks
GG5009 - Måned siden
G-Max Jayden
G-Max Jayden - Måned siden
5:38 makes this a horror movie
Shpokl - Måned siden
what is the map name
Ethan Games
Ethan Games - Måned siden
3:44 you can see the suasage in the background
Nevaeh Limones
Nevaeh Limones - Måned siden
Wearing socks 😝
- wildfire -
- wildfire - - Måned siden
i waz whachin da BOIZ on yUoToOb
FISHY BRO - Måned siden
Wearing socks
william henderson
william henderson - Måned siden
Gordon Ramsey will remeber
bullet forces
bullet forces - Måned siden
wearing socks
Neko Yuki Goddess of balance
Wearing socks watching this!!!!!
Sara Pickett
Sara Pickett - Måned siden
Why does every video start with mully run and open a door
rami aref
rami aref - Måned siden
Sweat_snipez ._.
Sweat_snipez ._. - Måned siden
Wearing socks
ElitziaTheBiFrost - Måned siden
im gonna gobble someone's glizzy now-
PsychoBoy - Måned siden
Wearing socks
Koreijō Egaomasen
Koreijō Egaomasen - Måned siden
zack lee
zack lee - Måned siden
Me subbing to molly by mistake:🔪😐

Jk love the vids man❤❤❤
Brooke Jiggins
Brooke Jiggins - Måned siden
Angela Adams
Angela Adams - Måned siden
I’m wearing soxk
Maya Murray
Maya Murray - Måned siden
My names mully, I have a friend name josh, AND WE FLUCKED UP WITH A DAMN HOT DOG
True Colours Gaming
True Colours Gaming - Måned siden
You're channel bring happiness to people...... If you do not believe me in each video of your's only have 1k dislikes an that is the most dislikes you had...well maybe.....maybe less.....
Rosalina Star
Rosalina Star - Måned siden
🌟@mully this is my favourite video in 2020!! I love it so much!!! 🥰🥰 I love you so much mully!!! 😘😍❤️💙❤️💙💜🌟